Areas of Expertise
Geopolitics, Economics & Risk
At NEMS we provide our clients with an in depth analysis of global and regional geopolitical scenarios and their implications for their companies. All factors such, OPEC decisions and market response, global supply/demand patterns, national and international regulations, environmental hazards, security issues and economic developments have an impact on energy sector. NEMS experts provide viable and robust scenario analysis carefully considering all these factors that allow our clients to evaluate risks and opportunities accurately and strategize in a manner that allows them to stay on top of all eventualities. Our advisory services include
  • Short term and Long term risk evaluation in a country including emerging markets
  • Strategy formulation services for Oil and Gas companies
  • Scenario analysis for geopolitical, strategic and environmental developments and their implications for national and international companies in Oil and Gas sector
Integrated Energy Strategies
The complex environment of energy sector requires strategies that correlate and asses all factors involved across the energy value chain in full depth and formulate strategies that compensate the weaknesses of individual company and optimize its strength. Without such a vigorous strategy no company can be successful in today’s competitive environment.
NEMS analysts help our clients to optimize their opportunities and neutralize risks to ensure their success in highly volatile energy sector. By banking on our expertise in CDM project development and implementation we help our clients prepare for future market requirements thus ensuring their success in present and future markets.

Markets Dynamics
Complete understanding of the complex interactions, related risks, alternatives and their implications is essential for portfolio optimization and achieving corporate goals. At NEMS we help our clients by providing insight in the market dynamics and help them formulate strategic goals for success in the ever evolving oil and gas sector at country, regional and global level.

NEMS provides advisory and consultancy services that include forecasts for production trends, entry and placement strategies in regional market considering detailed analysis of demand and supply trends for crude streams and their implications at regional and global level in the wake of increased deepwater production and pressure for environment friendly practices as stated in Kyoto protocol.

Upstream Oil and Gas
NEMS offers CDM advisory services for companies operating in upstream oil sector. With the increase in demand of fossil fuels in emerging markets and depleting oil reserves in existing oil fields, the need for exploration and production (E&P) of oil and gas resources and including search for potential underground or underwater oil and gas fields has increased. But this need is equally matched by pressures for environmental preservation.
NEMS offers most relevant services in this context that caters to both environmental requirements and financial befits to our customers by helping them benefit from financing facilities through CDM.

Mid and Downstream Gas
NEMS experts offer our customers with unique and robust CDM services that serve as a link between Upstream, Mid- & Downstream Gas sector thus giving a holistic strategy across the value chain of the company. NEMS consulting practice includes strategies for CDM project development and full CDM support so as to optimize company’s competitive advantages across the value chain. . Trends, risks and opportunities in regional gas markets especially emerging markets.

Petrochemical Practice

Due to expertise of NEMS professionals across the value chain in the oil and gas sector, we are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive set of services in the petrochemical industry as well. Along with in-depth knowledge and integrated framework of the industry NEMS experts are able to provide our clients with unique and advantageous understanding of CDM services and related technologies that assist our clients to outclass their rivals not only today but ensure this status in the near future as well which requires companies to have a greener profile.

Biofuels Practice

Bio-fuel is a fast developing industry which has a vast potential in the near future. Biofuel is expected to have a huge market share as the efficiency of production techniques and land areas dedicated to Biofuel industry increase. The green profile of this industry coupled with the benefit of locally produced fuel is making it progressively more popular among governments of both developed and emerging nations.

NEMS experts with their extensive expertise in CDM advisory services provide their clients with comprehensive and in-depth analysis of Biofuel industry and its potential in the overall energy mix keeping in view the volatile geopolitical environment of the oil producing regions. NEMS experts also provide our clients with excellent entry strategies and best options available under CDM financing services.

NEMS experts provide advisory services in Biofuel industry regarding:

  • Production requirements and optimization
  • Legal, environmental and socio-political issues
  • Investment, financing and comprehensive CDM advisory services
Service Sector Strategies
The complex and highly competitive energy markets of today demand a comprehensive, integrated and robust approach based on in-depth knowledge and analysis of the industry, regional/international markets and supporting industries as well. At NEMS our experts provide our clients with such an approach that caters to their needs in all segments of the industry with specific focus on CDM services and related fields.
Nouveau Energy holds the expertise to launch Islamic Environmental Financial Framework for development of Projects and products in the form of Sukuks and Certificates of Investment basing on Carbon Credits.